As tablets and larger Android devices become more popular blogging on mobile devices is no longer impractical. Some services lend themselves to Android better than others, but all of the services have now entered the fray.

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It would be rather ridiculous for Google not to release a blogging app for their service on the platform they designed, so of course, there is a well designed and powerful mobile version. Suprisingly, it does not have any home screen widgets. Of course, you can also redirect your blogger page to your own domain name, without paying extra. Yes, I'm looking at you, WordPress.


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LiveJournal is another blogging service which hasn't fared well against the competition and for some reason, the self-proclaimed elite of the Internet hold it in disdain. I've never figured out why. It's powerful and easy to use. I like it's mobile app well enough and unlike WordPress, that makes you pay for a domain name redirect, livejournal offers it for free. (I should also mention that only WordPress makes you pay for that feature, as Tumblr and Blogger also offer it without cost.)


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Not all blogs are created equal. In my quest of acquiring my username on as many of the main web services as possible, I've tried all the major blogging services. I've always had an affinity for the simplicity of Tumblr. For some reason, a portion of the Internet holds a great deal of disdain for this service and prefer the more robust services, such as Blogger and WordPress, but I don't.

I've recently started using my Tumblr page again by using it as my photo journal. It's a lot of fun. I also like the fact that you can have a private blog and a personal one, or several, if you wish, all under the one username, just as you can with the competing services.

When I tried the Android app, it clinched it for me. They offer a better solution than the competition for Android devices. Again, it's simple, but has a lot of features. In fact, it has more features. There is a home screen widget for fast posting, which none of the others have and it adds a sharing feature to your system, which a lot do not. It is very intuitive and quite simply, well designed.

Tumblr's ease of use and minimalist design has always lent itself to Android devices, so it made sense for them to put time and effort into their mobile app. As a result, this blogging app is my personal favorite.

As a final note, remember that Tumblr also offers free domain name redirect, unlike WordPress.


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WordPress is living proof that people are willing to pay a premium for higher end services; or maybe just hipsters. If you've read my other blogger reviews on this site, you'll know by now that WordPress is the only service that makes you pay extra to redirect your blog to your own domain. Yes, that's a sore point with me. However, WordPress is unquestionably the big boy on the market. They have the largest community, the most features, greater customizability and support than any of the other blogging services. They also have a decent Android app, which is well designed and easy to use.


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