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I've talked previously about Android startup management and the proper way to do it, but the face of Android is quickly changing. One of the programs I've thoroughly enjoyed since it's release is LBE Privacy Guard. However, that program has changed dramatically, since I first used it. In fact, it has had two major overhauls in about the same number of years.

The original program offered the most important features, which were the ability to block apps from accessing your private information, such as:
  • SMS Sending
  • Phone Calls
  • Phone State
  • Call Monitoring
  • SMS Records
  • Contact Records
  • Call History
  • Location Services
  • Phone ID
  • Block access to Mobile/WiFi networks on a per app basis

The changes to this fine app have been so significant, I felt it worthwhile to write an entire article about it, rather than my usual short description. For one thing, it is now an entire security suite that has effectively eliminated my need for several other apps, including the following:

As you can see, this app is now very powerful and while each of these programs offers some features that LBESM may be lacking, they're not likely important enough for you to keep every single one of these apps, thereby duplicating the features within LBESM.

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