Error 769

This error is quite easy to fix. It means that you've disabled your LAN, whether intentionally or not. Here's how to fix it:

Control Panel

First, let's open the Control Panel. You'll either click Start and then Control Panel, or you'll need to click Start, Settings and then Control Panel.

Once that opens, if you're in Category View, you will need to click Network and Internet Connections.


Either way, you will now want to click Network Connections.

NetworkConnections.jpg NetworkConnections2.jpg

Re-enable the LAN

At this point, regardless of the Windows version you're using, you will be presented with a window that has a few different icons. Each of these represents a different method that your computer can connect to a network device. Here's some examples of what you might see in this window:

  • Local Area Connection
  • 1394 Connection
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • Broadband Connection that says WAN Miniport (PPPoE)
  • Dial-Up Connection

There can be any number or combination of these, including multiples. The only one we're worried about though, is the Local Area Connection that indicates it's Disabled. Find that one, right-click on it and left-click on the option to Enable it.


Wait a minute for Windows to do its thing and you should be able to connect once again, when it's done. That's it!

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