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Althetic Log & Fitness Calculator

I have designed an Excel spreadsheet to track running performance and personal workout routines.

  • It contains several formulas, as well as performance, fitness and health trackers, in order to help you monitor, maintain and reach your own, personal fitness goals.
  • It works with both Metric and Imperial measurement systems.
  • It has calculations for both male and female criteria.
  • I frequently update it, so check back often for new versions.

Below, you can see a simplified Google Sheets version, but keep in mind that it is not interactive and is lacking a lot of the capabilities of the full version.

You can download the file here.

Warning: Yes, there is a macro in this file, on the last worksheet, which is hidden. You will have to Unprotect the workbook and then Unhide the Formulas and Lists worksheet in order to see the button which allows you to clear all entries from the logs. This allows you to create a new workbook, periodically. You do not however, need to enable the macro for any other reason. So, feel free to ignore the macro error, if you do not wish to use this feature. It will not limit the functionality of this workbook in any other way. In fact, if you save the file as standard Excel spreadsheet (.XLSX), it will strip the macro from the file for you, giving you additional peace of mind.

Feel free to use this workbook, share it and even modify it, but please credit me, if you do.

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