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In order to maintain a list of software I need to download every time I reinstall Windows I started with an Excel Spreadsheet, which I eventually posted to a webpage, the natural progression of which was this Wiki. In fact, this list was the original reason I created this site. It's obviously grown from there to be more inclusive.

This is in no way intended to be an exhaustive list of software, but rather a collection of what I consider to be the best and most useful programs in each category. Basically, if there's a program listed here, I'm either currently using it on my system or have used it and believe its merits are worthy enough to mention. I hope you're able to find some gems here of which you were previously unaware.

Total Currently Featured Software Programs: 264

System configuration & maintenance

Desktop Gadgets
Useful real-time tools to keep on your desktop

Drivers specific to my own current devices

PC optimization

Online resources & freeware downloads

Surfing, e-mailing, downloading & other online-related activities

Codecs, editing, recording, playback, library management & more

Office productivity suites & tools

Bible software

Personal privacy & file protection, including on-demand scanning & real-time protection for all forms of malicious software

Windows™ Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows specific software, such as: Libraries, Multimedia Frameworks, Utilities, Recovery Tools, Service Packs & Virtual Machines

All other, unclassified software

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