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Windows has hundreds of hidden tools and commands. This interface is a simply GUI for easy access to dozens of them. Easy BCD

You need this application in order to easily change the Windows BootLoader menu. inSSIDer

This is cool. I've used this many times to visualize competing wireless signals. It's a real-time utility to see all SSID's and signal overlaps in an area, using your wireless card to locate and measure them. Once you know where the wireless congestion is, you can avoid it by moving your own network's wireless channel to another location. I've also written a brief article about Wi-Fi Over-Population on this site. MemTest86+

Microsoft has it's own MemTest program to help determine if there are problems with your PC's RAM, but this program improves upon that tool. RegisterEx

Add a context menu to register/unregister library files (DLLs, OCX, etc.).

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