Anti-Malware Tools ComboFix

This is a command line program to help remove known spyware and malware infections, as well as fix some known issues caused by such programs. It's only useful if you already know you're infected, but because it runs at the command line, it's a bit more brute-force in nature. Dial-A-Fix

This is a very useful program designed to repair many Windows problems, typically caused by malware infections or just system faults of various types. FreeFixer

Here we have an unusual utility to examine your system and identify potentially dangerous security or malware risks. It's not specifically a malware scanner in the sense that it uses a malware database, but it does examine your system and identify risks. GMER

No, it's not a haxor way of spelling gamer. This is actually another great program for examining key system resources in order to find potential security and malware risks. HijackThis!

This one can be a little intimidating for the uninitiated. It's a very advanced application for examining your system in detail. Use it in conjunction with online resources such as and in order to determine if there's any security or malware risks you should examine closer. Warning! You can render your Operating System inoperable if you don't know what you're removing.

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