Audio MP3Val

This program will check all of your MP3 files for errors and repair what it can, without decoding the file or removing the tags. It's fast and effective. Yes, I know I said it's difficult to find utilities of this nature. I've been using MP3Utility for close to a decade and I only found this tool in 2011. So, what I said still stands. TagScanner

I used to use MP3Tag, but now prefer this application for tagging my MP3 files. Of course, it supports more than just MP3's, but I'm old school. It also has a nicer interface and better lyrics support. WinAMP & Plug-Ins

At one time this was the unsurpassed leader as an audio library manager and media player. There are now several competitors on the market, but they don't have the dedicated following and widespread use that WinAMP still has. I've installed WinAMP with MiniTube for synchronizing YouTube videos with song playback and Leo's Lyrics, which searches several online databases for matching lyrics.

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