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As you have already figured out by now, I'm a big fan of the Opera browser. One of the main reasons for that is their role in leading innovation. Anytime a good idea is introduced into browsers, you can bet Opera probably did it, first. Firefox and IE usually follow suit. Opera Labs is the site where the Opera team tries out a lot of new features. Some stay, others do not. However, it's always fun to see what they've got cooking for future versions. At the time of writing this description, they're working on their x64 bit version of Opera. True, that's not overly innovative, since Firefox has a few working x64 bit versions already, but it's still worth a test drive,. Pale Moon

For those of you who like to optimize your system by using as much x64 bit software as possible, Pale Moon is probably the most stable and up to date version of a x64 bit browser implementation for Firefox. At the time of writing this description, Pale Moon is version 9.1, which uses the Mozilla version 10 engine. That is the same version that is publicly available for download. So, they're fairly current. As an aside, I have tried other x64 bit versions of Firefox and they either didn't work or were unstable. Pale Moon seems to be the most stable, so far. QTWeb Browser

There's not much to see here. It's a browser based on WebKit, just like Chrome and Safari. The nice thing about this program is that it's stand-alone and very, very small. The Installable version is only 6MB's. So, that makes it very handy to send via e-mail or download on a connection that is slow or problematic. I often use it while troubleshooting problems with other browsers for people. Installing this one allows them to then get to Microsoft/Opera/Google/Mozilla, at which point they can install their preferred browser, making it a great, portable troubleshooting tool. SRWare Iron

Well, the screenshot should look familiar. That's because this browser is simply Google Chrome without Google's spyware/adware attached. It even has the GPU optimized version available. Very interesting. It's just as stable as Chrome is, for obvious reasons. Vivaldi

When Opera changed hands, after version 12, much of what had made it great disappeared. A number of members from the original design team and the fan community decided to develop a new browser, which brought back the features that made Opera the best browser on the market. This also includes features such as webmail and a social network.

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