Defragmentation AusLogics Disk Defrag

I love trying new disk defragmenters, to see which is the best or fastest at the job. AusLogics is one I really like because it is fast and has boot-time defragmentation, which is not a feature most of the others have. Boot-time defragmentation allows the program to optimize page files and other system protected files. Defraggler

This is Piriform's program to defragment your hard drive & condense its free space. I use this as well as CCleaner to keep my system optimized. It's superior to Window's defragmenter, because it allows you to defragment just files, rather than free space, if you so choose. That means it can take a fraction of the time to complete, but has virtually the same effectiveness as a full drive defragmentation. Free Registry Defrag

I frequently use this tool to compress and recreate my Registry for increased performance. It keeps it from getting bloated and sloppy. Page Defrag

This service ensures that the PageFile and other system files are contiguous, by defragmenting them during system boot up. Puran Defrag

I've tried a handful of free disk defragmenters. This one does boot-time defragmentation for registry and protected Operating system files, which is an uncommon feature. It can also defragment free space, ensuring that your files aren't spread out all over the surface of the drive.

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