Desktop AeroWeather

This is a cool desktop enhancement that will change the Aero Glass colour of your desktop windows and borders according to your local weather and time of day. It beats having the same boring desktop all the time. It's a subtle, but pleasant change. Logon Studio

For those of you who are never satisfied with the status quo and like to tweak their computers, this utility will allow you to change the Windows logon screen. UxStyle

By default you cannot add custom themes to Windows 7. However, this utility allows you to do so without having to "hack" the Registry or take similarly aggressive actions. Windows 7 DreamScene Activator

Microsoft did away with DreamScene almost as soon as they released it. No doubt, because it's such a resource hog and since they were trying to engage the Netbook market, they wanted to pare down their Operating System, not make it more intense. So, Vista was the beginning and end of DreamScene, or so you thought. With a quick download, this program will install the necessary components and reactivate DreamScene for Windows 7 users. Now, the Background dialog window won't recognize movie files the way it used to, yet. However, if you right-click on a suitable video file from Explorer to bring up the Properties window, you can set it as the Desktop Background and of course, from the Desktop you can pause and play DreamScene videos. Personally, I loved DreamScene. I've got a penchant for desktop customizations and attempting to fully utilize the imaging capabilities of a desktop environment, so this was one feature I was glad to be able to reactivate. Windows 7 Logon Screen Editor

Modify your Windows Logon screen with aptly named utility.

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