www.Invelos.com/Downloads.aspx DVD Profiler (Shareware) & Plug-Ins

This is only the 2nd Shareware program I have ever registered. It's a fantastic DVD management software suite for keeping track of your library, which sports an online collection library, as well. I also use the CTPlus, Database Query, NameVariant plug-ins to increase it's functionality. This program is a must have for anyone serious about their movie collection.

www.AfterDawn.com DVD Shrink

My favourite DVD ripper is definitely DVDShrink, even years after it has ceased to be developed or supported. Between this & DVDDecryptor, I've been able to backup almost every DVD I've tried. I don't know about you, but I've broken the centers of several of my DVD's through the years, so having a backup of them is necessary.

www.DVD43.com DVD43

DVD43 is now an installable service that aids DVD ripping programs in removing copy protection, so that you can make backups of your collection.

www.MrBass.org/DVDRip DVDDecrypter

This is one of the most powerful, but also one of the least friendly solutions for decrypting DVDs, so that you can make backups of your collection.

www.Handbrake.fr HandBrake

I haven't used this one a lot, but it is considered to be the premiere DVD ripping/reauthoring tool on the Internet. I still prefer DVDShrink whenever possible.

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