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www.AnalogX.com CacheBooster

This is a tool to optimize the various settings of Windows disk caches. It's one of those run once and forget it type of programs. Although, it can be much more useful than that on older systems. With RAM and HDD space so abundant now though, it's more useful for configuring your cache after a fresh install and then leaving it alone.

www.CCleaner.com CCleaner

This is Priform's program to clean junk files from your computer and Registry. It's a must-have utility for every Windows computer. Install it and run it weekly. It has some advanced features that allows you to add/remove specific folders and files, for the more adventurous. Of all the junk file cleaners on the Internet, this is the best. The only drawback with Piriform's software is that these guys are really on the ball and update it, what feels like once a week. So, that's great news. It means that they're on top of things, but it's really annoying. LOL

TheWebAtom.net CCleaner Enhancer

This is an enhancement utility to increase CCleaner's functionality by adding over 200 other applications to it's list of programs to clean. They update it frequently.

www.BitSum.com Process Lasso

I've been using this program for a few months now and really noticed it's benefits on my underpowered work machine. The concept is simple. It lets you prioritize applications and services in order to boost system performance to meet your specific system needs. Now, it also does so in the background, monitoring your system usage and adjusting all running programs and services on-the-fly. It's a great way to get a performance boost out of older or less powerful systems. At work I've told it to give my browser and e-mail clients higher priority and the performance difference is noticeable.

www.Soluto.com Soluto

I thought I was pretty good at keeping my system optimized at boot-up. Apparently, I was wrong. Despite being fluent at using applications like AutoRuns and knowing every piece of software on my system inside and out, it amazes me that I can still find applications that help me optimize my system even more. This program is community supported and developed, in that every adjustment you make helps the program get better at helping you and others improve their own system performance. Its whole focus is on reducing boot-up time. With a few minutes work I was able to cut my boot-up time significantly. For example, Soluto tells me that after I installed my current OS 2 months ago the boot-up time was 2:30, but as I added new software, that slowed considerably, to about 2:40. I've been able to get my boot time down as low as 1:40 without sacrificing any of the programs I use. I run Soluto once a month or so and regularly tweak my boot-up in order to keep it under the 2:30 mark. Currently, I have 63 applications running, have removed or delayed 20 and saved 45 seconds of boot time. Sounds like a lot of software, right? Well, you might be surprised when you run this program just how much garbage is actually bogging down your computer, as well. I highly recommend it.

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