File-Management BAT To EXE Converter

I often use this tool to create customized portable versions of applications.

I prefer using portable applications, whenever possible, even on my home system. New versions of however, do not allow you to run these programs from your main HDD. In order to get around this, I rename the portable application launcher and create a batch file that runs the program, instead. By converting this BAT file to an executable, I can keep the essential directory structure the same, which is useful when launching the applications from certain menu systems, or from within Total Commander. Disk Internals Zip Repair

I can't tell you how many times I've needed a tool to repair damaged ZIP files. This is the only one free one I've found, let alone one that actually works. Double Driver

This application lets you quickly backup and restore both native and external software drivers. This is very handy for repairing and reinstalling your Windows installation. File-Repair

This is going to be an unusual entry, because I haven't used this program, yet and that's good news! However, the concept is very useful and it's handy to know that there are tools like this out there. HxD Hex Editor

This Hex Editor allows you to open files of any size, and even edit disk sectors, directly.

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