File Sharing HostsMan

Building upon the concept of using Hosts files to protect your system, this program allows you to take advantage of Hosts files from several sources who have created similar lists. You can also manage your Hosts file, create backups, add exceptions and more. In addition to letting Spybot SD add sites to my Host file, I use this program to include the MVP's Host file, as well as the Ad & Tracking server list from and the AdServers list from uTorrent

If you're going to use open P2P (Peer-To-Peer) file-sharing, then uTorrent is the best choice for doing so. PeerBlock

Designed primarily to protect P2P users, this application blocks access to your system from known intruders, whether it be malicious entities, government agencies, or MPAA and RIAA affiliated sources. NZBEdit

I've been using file-sharing services like Torrents and News Group sites for perfectly legal downloads and file-sharing for years, but recently I was talking to a friend about News Groups and why I've stopped using open P2P networks like Torrent sites. There's too much malware, too many snooping corporate and government types and I got tired of pathetic download speeds. News Groups by comparison, give you full speed downloads 100% of the time. However, there are often a lot of extra files in NZB files. That's where NZBEdit comes in. While it's a very old application and I don't think it's really developed anymore, it's still useful. It allows you to edit NZB's the same way you can edit Torrent files, by removing unneccessary files, renaming files, whatever you want to do. So, this fills a niche that other programs like SABNZBD have not yet developed. SickBeard

This is another browser based news group manager, except that it is specifically designed with a focus on scheduling and organizing television episodes. It works very well as an add-on for SABNZBD. SABNZBD

This is the only NZB downloader I use. It loads through a web interface, includes PAR file correction, download organization, remote access and more.

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