Game Tools Origin (EA)

Origin is EA Games' store and while I haven't bought anything from them yet, every month they offer a new free game, so my library has gotten quite extensive thanks to this.

This game store and launcher frequently features some of the best deals available. Epic Games

Epic Games is another game store and launcher. Arc Games Launcher

Arc Games specializes in massive multiplayer online (MMO) games. This is their game store and launcher.
itch-io.png is a bundling store, with a focus on independent developers.

UPlay UPlay

This game store is Ubisoft's answer to the success of the Steam store. Desura

Desura is an online store for gaming, much like Steam, but with a focus on independent developers. Quackle

How serious are you about your favourite FPS game? Well, that's how seriously I take Scrabble. Hey, don't knock it! Each to their own, right? I love word games. I love thinking, calculating, rearranging, competing. It's great fun and I'm really good at it. In fact, I compete almost at an expert level according to the NSA. That's the National Scrabble Association you noobs, not the branch of government. Anyway, this utility/game uses extremely advanced algorithms to help you play Scrabble either against it or against other players. It will help you find best plays, examine your plays and more. You can customize the board and do a lot more than you can with similar programs. It's definitely for word geeks, though. It's not for the feint of heart. Steam

Steam is an online store for gaming, team play and more. This is the best way to buy your video games, because even if your system gets damaged or you lose them, as long as you have access to your Steam account, you can redownload them. It's like an endless backup. Plus, the Steam store regularly has great deals on games. Game Key Revealer

Is it time to reinstall or reformat and you don't remember or can't find the keys to your games? Not to worry, this is a tool to find the product keys of hopefully, all of your installed games. DOSBox

Do you have any old games that won't play on modern systems because they're too fast? Well, this is a great shell for opening old DOS games that includes speed controls to slow down system calculations for faster processors, ensuring your games won't run so fast that they're unplayable.

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