Okay, this particular list needs some explanation. Yes, there are a million freeware games on the Internet. Many of them are massive, multi-player games with gigantic online communities & relatively heavy hardware requirements. I like those too, but as you will see below, the games I have listed here are fun & very simple, yet addictive ways to waste some time. This will never be an exhaustive list. That would be redundant & silly. So, instead I have listed just a small handful of games that I like. Maybe there's a gem or two in here that you've never played before. If so, great. I've also included a few useful game-related programs. Enjoy.

Additional Games Categories Streaksaver

This application is very specific and won't appeal to very many people, except gamers who are fanatical about their gaming. It has a singular purpose and that is to ensure that your XBox page updates with ALL the games you have ever played on your profile. It can go back through the history of your gaming profile and ensure that nothing gets missed on your XBox Live account. That's it. There's no other purpose. I have played somewhere around 65 games, but only about 20 were showing up on my profile. I didn't like that, so I dug around for this program and now it shows everything I've played. I like completeness. :) Batman

This is not the game about which you're probably thinking. This is more of a puzzle game with a Batman theme. For a BatFan like myself though, it's a real gem. Tanglet

I love Boggle and was surprised to find this clone, that also features a number of game variations, to keep it interesting.

These game files are hosted here. NetWordz 95

This is the world's best Scrabble clone that got shut down by Hasbro, because the author was trying to get people to pay him for registration, thereby making money from a product design that belongs to someone else. The game is still a classic and you can load your own dictionaries and make your own boards. I recommend you find the dictionary you want from

In order to play using the dictionaries I've included in this archive, extract the files to a directory of your choice, then click Options, Configuration. Choose the NETWORDZ.CFG file. Then select one of the dictionaries and you're done. It will be pre-configured to the board layout with which you're already familiar. I'm hosting this file here because it's nearly impossible to find anywhere else, anymore. Highway Pursuit

I love this game! It's a clone of the old racing game, SpyHunter. Dink Smallwood

Here's a fun point & click adventure game with adventure editor. It's quite a bit of fun and has accumulated a cult following. Deluxe PacMan

This is PacMan with a maze editor! What more do you need to know? Seriously, PacMan rocks!

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