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The beauty of this powerful, yet simple, multi-platform FTP client (although a server is also available) is that it looks the same on all Operating Systems, making it very easy to support from a technical standpoint. Flash & Shockwave

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know who Adobe is. Beyond Adobe reader, which most of us hate because it's the worst example of bloatware on the market, Adobe also developed Flash and Shockwave, the two premiere multimedia frameworks on the Internet.

Finally available to rural and small town Canadians, this service essentially gives you a portable phone number & services that you can use for voicemail, forwarding and even as a land line replacement. HotSpot Shield

AnchorFree offers this proxy server to allow you to hide your true source IP; which is useful for many things, such as viewing online American TV content from Canada. Hello Hulu. Internet Time Update

This is one of those run once and forget it utilities. It's a program to change the frequency at which your PC synchronizes with NTP servers. I prefer daily, because PC clocks are some of the worst time-keeping devices in the world.

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