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Java is a programming language widely used for web applications. Every computer should have a copy of Java installed. JavaRA

This Java updater will erase old copies of Java from your system as well as assist with getting the latest versions. KeePass

This is the best program around for managing and securing passwords; it even has auto-type. When I install this, I also get DatabaseBackup, DatabaseReorder, KeePassSync and Pronounceable Password Generator from the plug-ins page. There are dozens of add-ons. Check them out, as well. Lightning

This is the calendar add-on for Thunderbird, thereby making it a nice Outlook clone.

LogMeIn is one of the best free online services designed to act as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your various computers, over the Internet. In other words, you can connect to your PC's desktop at home from your PC at work and so on. It also supports more than just Windows PC's.

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