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This is not something you're likely going to use a lot, or maybe ever, but when you need it, it's good to know that there is a convenient utility available to fix damaged WinSock stacks. NetTools

Become a pro with this Suite of over 50 Network tools for Internet & Intranet troubleshooting! No, not really. You actually have to know what you're doing, but this is an invaluable set of programs for anyone who deals with networks. TCP Optimizer

This is a tool for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection by adjusting your MTU. As part of my blog about troubleshooting Internet connections, I've got a whole page that discusses when, why and how you would need this program right here: MTU troubleshooting. Thunderbird

Mozilla's alternate e-mail client is drastically different from any e-mail client you've probably seen before. It's menus are different, the e-mail setup is different and it works. Yes, it works. That alone makes it far different. TightVNC

VNC means Virtual Network Computing. This open source application will allow you to gain remote control of PC's, making it useful for troubleshooting on remote computers or even gaining access to your home computer from work or while traveling.

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