Office ASpell

This is a free spell checker that will work with web forms, notepad and several other open text windows. In fact, I think this is the only free one available for Windows. Dictionary.NET

Here is a simple System Tray utility for help finding find the definition or translation of any word. It saves you from having to open your web browser or another tab. It's not an offline application though, so you do need an active connection. FocusWriter

I love this distraction free writing tool. Maybe someday I'll write a book. Everyone says that, I'm sure. Instead, I write websites, reviews and blog articles that few people read except for myself. LOL Regardless, this is a nice software program. It's great for aspiring writers. Foxit Reader

Now we're talking! This is the best Adobe Reader replacement for viewing PDF files. NotePad++

Let's face it, even in Windows 7, notepad sucks. Notepad++ is a multi-tabbed, context-sentitive and very powerful notepad replacement, which is excellent for programmers and web designers.

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