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Notepad++ is my editor of choice. The challenge is that I can never remember how to make it my default editor that opens instead of Notepad.. Yes, I can change file associations, but that fixes only part of the problem. I don't want to ever see Window's internal Notepad.exe application and while there are many ways to accomplish this, one of the easiest is to modify the registry and have it point to a script or application that redirects the open request.
This utility takes the headache out of that process by doing it all for you, through a simple GUI interface. Simply run the install and you're done!
If you ever want to go back to Windows default application, uninstalling the application will accomplish this for you.
Alternately, you could delete the newly created key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options
otepad.exe OpenOffice

We have here a full office suite, including word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentations, image management and more. It uses the Open Document Format as well as being able to read and write PDF and Microsoft Office files.

There is now also an off-shoot of this suite called LibreOffice, that you might want to check out, but as of the creation of this entry, in October of 2010, it's still pretty early in the development stages. PrimoPDF

Since their introduction by Adobe, PDF files have been a mainstay in the computer industry. They're a great way to release read-only documents that will look identical from one computer to the next.

PrimoPDF will add a print device to your computer that redirects that output to a PDF file. It even has security options. It beats having to purchase the full blown Adobe suite, which is overkill for most people. RedNotebook

Think of this as a word processing program with a twist. It is tied to a calendar and even adds keyword functionality, which makes it more of a journal or diary with cross-referencing capabilities.

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