"PocketKnife" Utilities
www.NirSoft.net NirSoft

Here is a collection of fantastic and varied utilities by a very talented programmer. I simply cannot do without both SysInternals and NirSoft utilities on every system with which I work. These are definite must haves. Dig through his site. You'll probably spend hours playing with neat tools he's created.

www.DonationCoder.com/Software/Skrommel Skrommel

This site has a ridiculously large collection of extremely simple, single-purpose utilities for dozens of different Windows enhancements, including utilities to turn off the trackpad, create macros or even design toolbars for use in any application.

TechNet.Microsoft.com SysInternals

This is a collection of utilities, the majority of which were created by Mark Russonovich and then purchased by Microsoft to add to their own collection of advanced diagnostic tools, such as: AutoRuns, Disk2VHD, PageDefrag, Process Explorer and more.

www.KLS-Soft.com Windows System Control Center

You really need to get this program. It's a GUI interface for all NirSoft and SysInternal tools that features auto-download and auto-update capabilities not just for itself, but for the NirSoft and SysInternal tools, as well.

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