Recording & Editing Desktop Activity Recorder

Copy dekstop activities to file and edit them for creating tutorials or for whatever other reason you could want to record your desktop. DivFix++

With this you can successfully repair broken video (AVI/DivX/XVid) files. FormatFactory

While it will allow you to convert audio and pictures as well, the most useful aspect of this program is its ability to allow you to convert between different video formats. It's fast and versatile. Free YouTube Download

The name is a bit of a give away, isn't it? This is a program to download YouTube videos to your PC. It's made by DVDVideoSoft, which is a company that actually has a bunch of useful tools similar to this one, including Free Audio Converter, which I find very useful. Meteorite

MKV has become a standard for video files. However, they are basically like glorified ZIP archives that contain video and audio streams, as well as additional features, such as subtitles, chapter designations and sometimes other streams, as well. As such, the files can sometimes get damaged, but this doesn't mean the whole archive is useless. Meteorite is the first application designed to allow repairs to damaged MKV files. It works well. I've had it successfully recover many corrupted videos.

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