Recording & Editing Microsoft Movie Maker 2.6

Every once in a while a program's predecessor is better than it's successors. This is one of those programs. Create home movies from your movie collections with ease and flexibility. I prefer version 2.6 over later versions. Some functionality exists in this version that was removed in subsequent versions. That's always a bad idea. MKVExtractGUI

Just as important as being able to create MKV files, you should also be able to split, join and modify them. Not all of the features you need are built into the MKVToolkit, but between that and this program, you should be able to accomplish almost anything you want to do with your MKV video files. MKVToolNix

MKV files are containers for video files, almost like a ZIP archive, except that they allow you to play them without additional extraction. Using MKV you can add video & audio streams to a file, as well as additional audio or video tracks, posters, subtitles and much more. Until recently, it wasn't feasible to manage MKV files without using the original publisher's software. Now, however with the MKVTooNix & similar programs, you can quickly and easily create & edit MKV files. One Click Video To AVI Converter

Quickly convert other media formats to AVI for ease of portability, with this excellent program that takes all the thinking out of the task for you by choosing the best settings for the least amount of quality degradation. Screen2EXE

This is an excellent desktop recorder and editor, which includes options to even save the files as executables, making it really easy to create tutorials for friends and family.

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