Additional Security Categories

Most of the programs here are broken down into the important sub-categories. I use real-time anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Despite having a router, I also use a software firewall and I use the Host file managers, as well. Not everyone needs to do these last two steps, but if you don't have a router, you should definitely use a firewall.

This free, open source, instant messaging client allows you decentralized, encrypted, secure end-to-end communication. If you care about your privacy, this is definitely a useful application to have. Password Recovery Time Simulator

If you were ever curious about how secure your password is, you can use this tool to help you determine how long it would take a computer to crack it using a brute force attack. TinyWall

I've been using this firewall for a couple years, now. It's simply a front-end interface for the built-in Windows firewall, that allows you to easily add/remove access based on applications, on the fly. It's one of the simplest and most lightweight solutions. Tor Browser

If you want to surf in anonymity, this application will provide you randomly changing proxy connections in order to increase privacy and security on the Internet. TrueCrypt

For advanced security, encrypting files, drive images or individual files is one of the best tactics to employ. TrueCrypt is the best free option to accomplish this.

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Host Files HostsMan

Building upon the concept of using Hosts files to protect your system, this program allows you to take advantage of Hosts files from several sources who have created similar lists. You can also manage your Hosts file, create backups, add exceptions and more. In addition to letting Spybot SD add sites to my Host file, I use this program to include the MVP's Host file, as well as the Ad & Tracking server list from and the AdServers list from Host.txt File

One of the simplest methods of protecting your system from ads, malware and viruses is to block known sources. Using the built in Hosts file in Windows, you can redirect those links to a safe IP, such as (your own computer). The MVPs Hosts file blocks tens of thousands of known malicious and unwanted sites this way.

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