Additional Security Categories

Most of the programs here are broken down into the important sub-categories. I use real-time anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Despite having a router, I also use a software firewall and I use the Host file managers, as well. Not everyone needs to do these last two steps, but if you don't have a router, you should definitely use a firewall. WinPatrol

Similar to AutoRuns in purpose and functionality, this application gives you real-time access to key system areas. You can determine if any malware needs to be removed by comparing the current state of your system to snapshots that the application has previously taken. They describe this software as a "Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)." Zenmap

When in Rome, hack like the Romans. Zenmap is a GUI interface for Nmap, a network scanner. It's useful not just for those up to no good, but also for those of us in the security field, who need to understand the environments we're protecting, what the hackers are trying to accomplish and even, the origins of the attacks. This tool will help you understand those environments.

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Host Files HostsMan

Building upon the concept of using Hosts files to protect your system, this program allows you to take advantage of Hosts files from several sources who have created similar lists. You can also manage your Hosts file, create backups, add exceptions and more. In addition to letting Spybot SD add sites to my Host file, I use this program to include the MVP's Host file, as well as the Ad & Tracking server list from and the AdServers list from Host.txt File

One of the simplest methods of protecting your system from ads, malware and viruses is to block known sources. Using the built in Hosts file in Windows, you can redirect those links to a safe IP, such as (your own computer). The MVPs Hosts file blocks tens of thousands of known malicious and unwanted sites this way.

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