System Identification & BenchMarking Tools AppTimer

This is a simple utility to measure how long a particular process or application takes to run, which is very useful for benchmarking CPU-Z

This is quick and effective PC component and system identification utility. I use it constantly on systems to determine things that you often forget, such as how many free slots are available on the motherboard for more memory and what is the current memory configuration or motherboard make and model. It's one of the most commonly used utilities in this genre. CrystalDew DiskInfo

This is a real-time monitoring tool for S.M.A.R.T. drives, allowing you to keep an eye on disk failures, temperature readings and anything else that your SMART drive will tell you. GPU-Z

We have here a utility like CPU-Z that will identify all the video cards in your system and their basic specifications. HDTune

In order to monitor the performance of my hard drives, I use this benchmarking tool which has a graphing mechanism for the results.

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