Tweaking MZ Ultimate Tweaker

For people who always want to tweak one setting or another in Windows, this is one of the better application suites for doing so. Places Bar Tweaker

Do you know when you try to save a file from a program to your hard drive and a new window opens up with that toolbar down the left site, that shows you all the default save locations? Well, this is a utility to customize that list to directories of your choosing. PowerPack

I love tweaking utilities, because you often find new tweaks in each program, that others don't have. This one is no exception. It features a lot of neat ways to tweak your Windows system. TweakMe!

With this Tweaking utility the focus is on Security. TweakUI

Once upon a time, in the back rooms of Microsoft's offices, a few programmers developed TweakUI, one of the first applications for adjusting non-standard Windows settings and from there, a whole new genre of application was born.

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