Tweaking TweakVI

TweakVI is a play on words. It's reminiscent of the original Microsoft tool, TweakUI, but in this case, the VI stands for the Roman numeral six, signifying the sixth version of Windows, which was Vista. In other words, this is a utility to tweak Windows Registry settings from Vista onwards. Vista Services Optimizer

This is one of the most useful tools in the inventory, that allows you to interactively create profiles for your Windows Services & interactively turn them on/off for best performance. WinBubble

There are hundreds of tweaking tools available to modify your Operating System. Everybody and their dog it seems, releases a new application with a plethora of customizations to the Windows environment. While there is always plenty of overlap with these types of programs, I still regularly find unique enhancements in new programs that I try. XdN Tweaker

This Windows tweaking application is fast, simple and has a few great ideas that others missed.

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