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MPHC is one of the best media players on the Internet and it comes in both 32bit and 64bit flavours. This player will even allow you to adjust audio to video synchronization. Remember to get the filters for extra functionality. Movie Monkey

If you don't want something as complex as XBMC, which is quite frankly, a monsterous multimedia management suite, then this is a great alternative. It monitors your desired hard drive directories for new movies and adds them, on the fly, trying to match covers and IMDB or other media information to the appropriate file. It also does it very well. QuickTime Lite

Do you hate bloatware? So do I. Use this stripped down version of Apple's Quicktime software in order to play QT videos without all the other junk they install. Real Alternative

Similar to QTLite, this will allow you to play Real Media files, such as .RA extensions, without installing all of the other bloatware that comes with RealPlayer. TunnelBear

Do you want to watch Hulu or BBC UK, but you can't because you live in Canada? Enter TunnelBear, a VPN software designed specifically to get around those ridiculous geographical restrictions. I've tried it on a couple sites and it works well.

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