Babylon 5

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Babylon 5

Premiered In: 1993 Status: Ended
5 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Babylon 5 is a 5 mile long space station located in neutral space. Its purpose is to act as a military outpost for human civilizations and a port of call for businesses and space travelers. It also serves as neutral grounds for peace-keeping alliances amongst 5 of the sentient species in the known galaxy. Babylon 5 is the first space soap opera, with a complex story arc that spans the entire series and is geared at adults, rather than children.


Premiered In: 1998 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


The Shadows released a plague to wipe out Earth. The Excalibur is an Earth vessel on a mission to find the cure. Sadly, the show ended before the finale.


Babylon 5: The River Of Souls

Released In: 1998, 94 Minutes


Set aboard Babylon 5, Soul Hunters arrive at the station looking for an item of great importance that was stolen from them.

Babylon 5: Thirdspace

Released In: 1998, 94 Minutes


Set during the 4th season of Bablyon 5, the crew finds a mysterious object that negatively impacts the crew of the station.

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