Green Gables

You probably recognize the fact that this page doesn't exactly match with most other shows that I've watched. That's because I made this page for my wife, who loves the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery, especially the stories of Anne Shirley. The movies starring Megan Follows are some of her favourite dramas of all time and so I've chronicled the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books as they've been set to television and film.

Anne Of Avonlea (1975)

Premiered In: 1975 Status: Mini-Series
1 Seasons, 350 Minute Episodes


This 6 part BBC mini-series features an older Anne as she grown into a young woman.

Anne Of Green Gables

Premiered In: 1979 Status: Wish-List
1 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


The Japanese have always loved the story of Anne Of Green Gables and not surprisingly, they were the first people to adapt her story to film in this extensive series of 50 animes based loosely on the character of Anne Shirley.

Anne Of Green Gables (1972)

Premiered In: 1972 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 280 Minute Episodes


BBC was the first to create a feature length film of this great Canadian story. Anne Shirley is played by actress Kim Braden in this 5 part mini-series.

Anne Of Green Gables: The Animated Series

Premiered In: 2001 Status: Ended (Missing Episodes)
1 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


This childrens' series is loosely based on the character Anne Shirley, as written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It's an endearing cartoon aimed at girls and a must-have for collectors of the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Kon'nichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables

Premiered In: 2009 Status: Wish-List
1 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Based on the prequel book written not by Lucy Maud Montgomery, but by Canadian authour Budge Wilson, as a tribute to her works, this series of 39 animes follows the life of Anne Shirley before she was adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthburt.

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An Avonlea Christmas / Happy Christmas Mis King

Released In: 1998, 120 Minutes


The Second World War has begun and Avonlea is not immune to its influence. This movie takes place after the Road To Avonlea series and is a heart-warming story about the children who are now grown up and the adults as they reach a far more fragile age.

Anne Of Avonlea

Released In: 1987, 230 Minutes


In the sequel to the 1985 film, Megan Follows reprises her role as Anne Shirley, but this time as a young woman, teaching young girls in a private school. Once again she manages to win the hearts of everyone around her and the movie was another great success.

Anne Of Green Gables

Released In: 1934, 78 Minutes


This is the first adaptation of the books into film and takes a lot of literary license with the characters, but is still an endearing story for its time.

Anne Of Green Gables

Released In: 1985, 199 Minutes


This is the most well known and popular movie adaptation of the books, featuring Megan Follows as the unshakable Anne.

Anne Of Green Gables: A New Beginning

Released In: 2008, 144 Minutes


In this reimagined tale of Anne Shirley, Barbara Hershey now plays Anne as a grown woman who is still contending with the death of her husband overseas. She reminisces about her childhood and begins a search for her birth father. Hannah Endicott-Douglas plays the young Anne Shirley and Shirley MacLaine also plays a starring role as the tough character Amelia Thomas.

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