Green Gables

You probably recognize the fact that this page doesn't exactly match with most other shows that I've watched. That's because I made this page for my wife, who loves the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery, especially the stories of Anne Shirley. The movies starring Megan Follows are some of her favourite dramas of all time and so I've chronicled the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery's books as they've been set to television and film.

Road To Avonlea

Premiered In: 1990 Status: Wish-List
7 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Inspired by the stories of Anne Shirley, this series follows the lives of other residents of Avonlea during the time just after Anne had left Green Gables. It was a tremendously successful series that ran for 7 years.

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Anne Of Green Gables: The Continuing Story

Released In: 2000, 180 Minutes


Anne is now grown up and married to her childhood sweetheart, Gilbert Blythe, who is presumed dead overseas, during the war. Never willing to give up on him, Anne travels to Europe to find him. This is the third an final installment of the series featuring Megan Follows as Anne Shirley.

Lantern Hill

Released In: 1990, 120 Minutes


Based on the book Jane Of Lantern Hill, this movie adaptation follows another young girl's struggle in the early 20th century. While not directly related to the Green Gables series, it certainly is an integral part of Lucy Maud Montgomery's work.

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