Hanna-Barbera Classics



Huckleberry Hound

Premiered In: 1962 Status: Ended (Missing Episodes)
3 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Huckleberry is a well-educated dog with a southern accent. There's very little consistency to this series, as Huckleberry seems to take on a new role nearly every episode. You could assume he's a Renaissance dog, which would explain how he knows and accomplishes so much, but that's probably reading too much into the series. This was after all, the very early years of Hanna Barbera's inception, so cartoons were much simpler back then and didn't need as much consistency as they do for the more sophisticated viewing audience of today.


Premiered In: 201 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Playing on the success of the teenagers with an anamorphic animal pet formula, Jabberjaw takes a much different approach. Instead of using an adorable dog, the "pet" in this case is a great white shark. I loved this series, unfortunately, it only lasted one season.

Johnny Bravo

Premiered In: 1998 Status: Ended
4 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Johnny Bravo is a legend in his own mind. With an Elvis voice and macho physique he believes he's God's gift to women. The problem is, he's the only one that thinks that.

Magilla Gorilla

Premiered In: 1964 Status: Ended
2 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Magilla is a gorilla in suspenders, hat and bow tie, who lives in Mr. Peebles pet store, because the owner is unsuccessful in being able to sell him at least, to anyone who will keep him. Magilla is adopted by new owners almost every episode and without fail, he somehow ends up returning or being returned to the store.


Premiered In: 1982 Status: Ended
2 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Pac-Man is the greatest video game ever, if you disagree you're wrong. :) In typical 80's fashion, a TV show was created to milk the popularity of yet another cultural icon. It's very cheesy and odd for a children's cartoon, but met with moderate success as it lasted for 2 seasons before being canceled.



Released In: 1943, 20 Minutes


Droopy is a slow-moving basset hound with a penchant for outwitting enemies who are much larger or faster than he is. 24 theatrical shorts were created for Droopy over a 15 year period, before the character was retired. Eventually, he returned to the small screen in several other incarnations, usually as part of the Tom & Jerry series. All 24 theatrical shorts were compiled into a single release which includes the following titles:

Dumb-Hounded The Shooting Of Dan McGoo Wild And Woolfy
Northwest Hounded Police Señor Droopy Wags to Riches
Out-Foxed The Chump Champ Daredevil Droopy
Droopy's Good Deed Droopy's Double Trouble Caballero Droopy
The Three Little Pups Drag-A-Long Droopy Homesteader Droopy
Dixieland Droopy Deputy Droopy Millionaire Droopy
Grin And Share It Blackboard Jumble One Droopy Knight
Sheep Wrecked Mutts About Racing Droopy Leprechaun

Johnny Bravo Goes To Bollywood

Released In: 2011, 72 Minutes


While watching TV Johnny is distraught to hear that he's considered washed up. So, he sets out on an adventure to Hollywood, to prove he's still got his mojo. The problem is, he travels to Bollywood, instead.

Top Cat

Released In: 2011, 90 Minutes


A new police chief is in town and he's out to stop Top Cat and his gang from their hijinks, where officer Dibble failed.

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