Science Fiction

Science Fiction Series: 113


Premiered In: 1984 Status: Ended
4 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


After the success of the movie Blue Thunder, the concept had to come to TV. In this series, an advanced military helicopter is used by, you guessed it, a secret government organization, to hunt down and stop criminals and spies. The show had a successful 4 year run.


Premiered In: 2001 Status: Ended
5 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Similar to La Femme Nikita, this series is about a girl who was unwillingly pulled into a life of espionage by a secret government agency. Since this series was created by a rival network, they were able to take it in a different direction, but the premise is the same. It had a bigger budget as it was an American network and was very successful, lasting 5 years.


Premiered In: 2015 Status: Ongoing
2 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Aliens have overthrown the world and placed walls up around every major city, in order to control the population. One family does what they can to survive and undermine their new overlords.


Premiered In: 2012 Status: Ended
4 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


A cop from 2077 travels back in time to capture a team of terrorists known as Liber8. Using advanced technology of the era and with the help of the young version of the inventor of the technology she employs, she tries to stop them from destroying the future.

Dark Matter

Premiered In: 2015 Status: Ongoing
2 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


6 shipmates and an android wake up from status in the middle of space, without their memories. As they work together to figure out their pasts and why they are on the ship together, forces are working against them from all sides.

Death Valley

Premiered In: 2011 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Somebody had to do it. Death Valley is a comedy about zombies, werewolves and vampires. After L.A. is overrun by the undead, humans decide to try to "live" with the problem, rather than completely eradicate them, thereby creating The Undead Task Force (UTF) to help control the population. This is a very unusual show, with, forgive the expression, deadpan humour.


Premiered In: 2013 Status: Ended
3 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


In the near future, human civilization has been almost completely wiped out in the aftermath of a war with aliens who attempted to take over our planet. In the ensuing battle, Earth is remade in an Terraforming incident gone wrong. Now, humans and 8 other races struggle to survive together on a planet that is wrought with life forms, dangers and cultural animosities that threaten everyone.


Premiered In: 2013 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Riding the wave of vampire and supernatural series success, this drama takes the myth in a new direction; one in which Dracula and Van Helsing are working together to take down The Order Of The Dragon, a corrupt secret society bent on world domination.

Dungeons & Dragons

Premiered In: 1983 Status: Ended
3 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Role-Playing reached it's height in the early 80's and as such, this cartoon series was created to fill that need. The concept is that a group of contemporary teens gets pulled into "The Realm Of The Dungeons & Dragons" and must find their way home, completing quests along the way. Each character has their own skills, which they use to accomplish these tasks, including magic, heroism, thievery and more.


Premiered In: 2014 Status: Ongoing
2 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Halle Berry plays a female astronaut who went to space on a solo mission, but returns impregnated by an alien entity that attempts to take over the Earth. On a second front, TAALR, a sentient computer, attempts to create an android army to do the same.

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