Science Fiction

Science Fiction Series: 113

Krod Mandoon & The Flaming Sword Of Fire

Premiered In: 2009 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


This is a very tongue-in-cheek fantasy show about a motley group of adventurers who attempt to rid the world of evil.


Premiered In: 2004 Status: Ended
6 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


This show was about a group of survivors of a plane crash deserted on a mysterious island. It's not an ordinary island however as there are some very strange things that happen, including a smoke monster, polar bears in the middle of a rain forest, whispering voices in the woods and more than one evil organization at work. The series really seemed to fly by the seat of its pants, not knowing where it was even taking itself. After 6 years it came to a conclusion that left most fans very disappointed with the explanations of what was happening.

Lost Girl

Premiered In: 2010 Status: Ended
5 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Centering around a female character with a mysterious past, Lost Girl examines what the world would be like if there were really vampires, faeries and other magical creatures living secretly among modern society. Even the main character is a mythical succubus with a "greater destiny". The show is very adult however and not suitable for kids.

Orphan Black

Premiered In: 2013 Status: Ongoing
3 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Sarah discovers she is a clone, one of many, when she sees one of her clone "sisters" commit suicide in front of her. Taking over her identity, Sarah soon uncovers a plot that spans the globe, which she and her fellow clones have set out to uncover, in order to protect themselves from being killed off, one by one.

Tatiana Maslany plays herself and so far, 6 of her clones in this excellent drama, that allows her to play several distinct roles. The show is amazing to watch, if for no other reason than to see Tatianna's amazingly versatile acting.

Pac-Man & The Ghostly Adventures

Premiered In: 2013 Status: Ended
2 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


I imagine this series was reintroduced in order to revitalize the game series. A teenage Pac-Man and his friends return to save PacLand from the Ghosts of the NetherRealm.

Penny Dreadful

Premiered In: 2014 Status: Ended
3 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Penny Dreadfuls were one cent newspapers that told horrific stories and speculative journalism, with little to no concern for integrity or truth, at the end of the 19th century.

Taking a somewhat twisted approach on many classic horror stories, this series creates its own League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type cast including, among others, a sharp shooter, the father of Mina Murray, Doctors Von Helsing and Frankenstein, vampires, werewolves and more.


Premiered In: 2012 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


One day, all electricity stops on Earth. All of it, never to return. Society must now rebuild. Warlords take control, a pseudo-medieval society develops and a few people set out on a quest to save their family and stop an evil warlord who is attempting to restore electricity and control the world.

Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles

Premiered In: 1999 Status: Ended
1 Seasons, 30 Minute Episodes


Sleepy Hollow

Premiered In: 2013 Status: Ongoing
2 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Ichabod Crane awakes 250 years after he died, during the American Revolution, to find that the Headless Horseman is actually the embodiment of Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Together, with a reluctant Lieutenant from the local Police department, they will attempt to stop him from bringing on the end of the world.

Space: 1999

Premiered In: 1975 Status: Ended
2 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


The premise of this show is perhaps one of the most bizarre of any successful science fiction series. A colony based on Earth's moon is used to dispose of nuclear waste created by the human civilization on Earth. The idea of using the moon as our dumping ground is hardly new. However, something goes wrong, and as improbable as it may be, the nuclear waste explodes, knocking the moon out of Earth's orbit and into deep space. This series follows the lives of the humans left stranded on the moon, as it travels deep through outer space.

So, forget for the moment that it would be impossibly expensive to ship garbage to the moon. Also ignore the concept that nuclear waste doesn't just randomly explode. As sad as this sounds, in the 70's the general public just didn't have a fraction of the knowledge about nuclear energies that they do now, so they thought this concept was plausible. Also, ignore the fact that a nuclear explosion large enough to knock the moon out of orbit, would also destroy both the moon and the Earth in the process. Finally, ignore the fact that even if it were feasible to remove the moon from Earth's orbit in some mysteriously non-destructive way, the devastation it would cause to Earth's climate, gravitational fields, tides and almost every aspect of its current state, would be incalculable. Once you ignore all of that, you end up with another awesome space based science-fiction show. Yes, it was a fun show, even if it made no sense.

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