Science Fiction

Science Fiction Series: 113

Warehouse 13

Premiered In: 2009 Status: Ended
5 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Warehouse 13 is a secret, government storage facility that houses all of the world's most mysterious objects. Some are magic, while others are scientific curiosities, but all are dangerous in the wrong hands. So, a team of government agents are recruited to find and neutralize these objects. Of course, what do you do with all of the world's most dangerous items? You store them in a single location, of course. What could possibly go wrong with that idea?

Z Nation

Premiered In: 2014 Status: Ongoing
1 Seasons, 60 Minute Episodes


Following the success of The Walking Dead, the SyFy network decided to make it's own Zombie Apocalypse series. This one features slow and fast moving zombies, biker gangs, military bases, heroes, cowards and a man who is immune to the virus, attempting to get to a research facility that can transform his antibodies into a vaccine or hopefully a cure.

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